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SC2ALLin1 Launcher Tool v3.6.6 is LIVE

Шаги установки:
1)Установить Starcraft II в рекомендуемую директорию
2)Launcher засунуть в папку с игрой C:\Program Files\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1(пример) ;)

Приложение работает на следующих ОС:
Windows XP x32
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista x32
Windows Vista x64
Windows 7 x32
Windows 7 x64


Change Log

version 3.6.6

* Tool from now on Requires .NET framework version 3.5 Sp1 installed (due to Team code preparations)
* The Start Location has been Fixed permanently, for all maps.
* The random race will be random and if you restart the game with F10 (ingame menu).
* White color was also added to the supported ones (we want to keep it close to actual game so we are not gona put 1million colors in there)
* Same colors and start location are allowed because teams may wish to share the same color.(later)
* The teams are now in Beta phase (due to lazylauncer2 use needs more work to be done compaired to other launcers)still disabled in launcer.
* Replays are now sorted by time creation!from older to latest.
* Fix a bug that cause the application to stop with error if there were no maps in the list.
* Add loading screen (no more pink square) to all maps that DO NOT have one, without changing their file size!
* Other internal Library updates.

version 3.6.3

* Works with latest Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 5
* Second Workaround for Pink background for most XP users not having transparency. Simple click or moving the Launcher will try to clear the pink.
* Fix a bug that after changing A.I files and save the Game Options will not re appear.
* Improve performane with multi-threading support in multi cores CPUs.
* Minor U.I changes to sc2 logo.
* Fix issue when a selected tab will not open the entire form if its allready selected.
* Add warning message if user tries to start the game without sellecting Difficulty level or none Computer players.
* When selecting a map, the 1st player slot will be set to Human and the rest automatically to Computer type.
* Fix an error on some system "process not found" when clicking the links in the credits form.
* Make the entire application smaller and faster (from 2MB to ~880KB)
* Fix a bug when user change a player type from Human to AI or Observer, and settings will reset to Random. Now slot if its not "closed" will keep the last options (race, color, position etc)

version 3.6.2

* Alternative way to find the correct Starcraft 2 BETA installed path and store it. No more problems during launching with old settings files & folders.
* Workaround for Pink background for some XP users not having transparency. This will fix some XP users.
* Add support for Deleting, Renaming and Refreshing the Map and Replay Lists, for better management over your files! just right click on a selection!
* Fix bug that after custom AI changes was saved the player slots will not auto reappear.
* Minor U.I changes to Credits screen and custom A.I
* New label in credits that displays your sc2 beta installed path! to check if the tool has found the correct one!

version 3.6.1

* Race Selection! (finally :P )
* Supports up to full 8 players Maps (when evailable)
* Color Selection
* Star Location Selection
* Ready for Team Selection when there is a safer stable hack.
* New A.I 6.1.1
* 4 A.I Level (Very Easy (Blizzard's, Easy, Medium, Hard from starcrack)
* Totaly new User Interface and compact for all possible resolutions.
* New Replay System for all Maps (moded or not should be working if cache is ok)
* Compatible ONLY with Maps (A.I AND Original) that are "Pure" not edited by other launcher after race selection.
* Use sYk0 Maps here:http://darkblizz.org/Forum2/ai-scripts/starcraft-2-beta-offline-ai-maps/msg4109/#msg4109
* Use original Blizzard maps http://www.mediaf...xdyqjhyhy1
* The launcher keeps the Map file structure intact after a match not like other launcers that changes the file permanent and can't be used later by other tools! ;)
* New Skin support (No more gray theme for buttons scrollbars etc)
* Option to change the Tool's internal A.I files and use your own!
* Updated Credits
* Button to help you download replay cache files.
* Show Map's Author.
* Even better Error handling no .net crashing Errors.

Version 2.6.0

* Update Medium and Hard A.I to v6.0
* Prepare code for custom A.I files in next release

Version 2.5.7

* Total new Graphical User Interface (GUI), border-less and transparent, still easy movable by its graphic borders with the mouse.
* Fix an issue where if user was trying to install a single map or replay from a folder Tool return the message "no files found".
* Even Better Starcraft 2 custom path finding, crossing registry and OS platform information (x86 & x64).
* Ability to read Maps Description, Name, and mini-map Preview, very fast!
* Compatible with Patch 3.
* Ability to Fully install replays and generate all needed cache files automatically, for playing custom replays!
* Before a Replay load you can now change the difficulty level to match the correct on and avoid Desc Error in-game. You will get a warning message for that too!
* 2.5.7 Setup will not anymore try to delete previous version Tool's files, to avoid deleting folders from some users ignorance.It will replace them.

Version 2.5.6

* Fix a bug that causes a selected file not to load with internal starcraft error, or "nothing is selected" error from the tool, forcing users to switch once between panels/tabs to load a file properly.

Version 2.5.5

* fix some path finding issues of sc2 beta installations.
* Application name changed to SC2ALLin1 and version x.x.x indicates Tool Version and A.I in use.
* Single Installation (no more Full or Lite).
* if default sc2beta is not found it askes you for it!
* fix an issue that causes Replay Async.
* Added ability to watch replays (if you also have all cache files installed read p.s2)
* Easy replay installation
* detect recent installed replays
* new AI v5.5
* Ability to download AI maps from 2 favorit web locations
* Ability to auto update the tool from internet so you dont have to check the forums for new version every time or re-download entire setups! 8)

Version 2.0.0

* 30maps (in full version 3 in Lite)
* the new lazytown installer2
* smaller more practical interface with only usefull options! no need to know paths etc.game options should be changed from ingame.
* meaningful AI for Easy-Medium-hard (v4)
* works in all x64 x32 Windows!
* no need for other cracks beeing preinstalled
* tool will help you autoinstall maps that you download automatically
* .net 2.0 only is required (included in most windows xp versions)
* doesn't change original star-craft beta files so you can play it online
from the normal shortcut or update the game normally!

Если у вас возникли ошибки или есть вопросы по работе приложения, пишите..

Скачать: http://vigourteam.com/downloads.php?c...ents_id=11

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